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Terms & condition

Following terms and conditions illustrate the norms specified for all kinds of users who use this website in any manner, make purchases or receive the emails. If you do not accept these terms please stop using this site immediately.

1. Age – You agree that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are not an adult you are forbidden from using this site OR you cannot use the website without the supervision of a parent or guardian or any other who comes under legal age. If anything occurs, the involved adults would be held responsible for everything.

2. Privacy – We always ensure our users that their personal data is always kept hidden from third parties or entities unless they themselves permit us in written that they have no issues with exposing their details with anybody. We never keep the record of credit/debit card details of anybody. Whenever the user enters his crucial details like this, such details are always encrypted to some other non-understandable form. Please read our Privacy Policy to know more regarding this.

3. Shipping – We have both Regular and Express shipping, whose mode of transportation, charges and number of days required for arrival, greatly vary. You may go through our Shipping Policy for more information.

4. Returns – We accept the returns only if you get damaged item, never receive the product at all, get expired goods, or get the wrong products, meaning you purchased different products but got something entirely different.

5. Disclaimer – Our products are not meant to be used as over-the-counter and not for solving any purpose of treating or curing any disease or disorder. We do not claim that these products could be used to diagnose or prevent any issue. The users who decide to buy these and suddenly face any issue, will not hold us accountable for the same.

6. Intellectual property – We, along with our associates, own the copyrights, logo, trademarks, etc. and we do not permit anyone to copy, share, distribute or send any of these (included but not limited) for their self or commercial gain; unless we permit the respective individual in written. If we find out that you are violating our copyrights we can anytime hold you for trial and the rest will be investigated by the related authorities.

7. Account termination – We hold all the authorities to terminate your account anytime if we find you in some suspected activities, without prior warning. We also reserve the right to cancel your order and then terminate your account if we find that you have some ongoing non-permitted activities. In case of canceling your order, we will inform you via email.

You may contact us for further queries and our customer care executive will be assisting you in no time.

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