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Shipping Policy

Our Shipping Policy covers the norms of the type of shipping and a number of possible scenarios that might occur and how to tackle them.

We essentially have two types of shipping, Fedex and UPS. UPS shipping asks 10 to 15 days for the products to arrive to their destination. FEDEX shipping takes 5 to 7 days for arrival and is of course costlier due to the fast mode of transport involved. Everyone gets a confirmation email right after the payment, another when the products get dispatched and finally when the products get delivered as a sign of acknowledgment. We also send the tracking number so that you always know where your products are. This is sent while we send you an email acknowledging you about the dispatch. If you buy products before 11 am your products will be sent on the same day, else the next day. We transmit the products every single day except for weekends and public holidays. If you purchase on weekends or public holidays then we will transmit the parcels the next business day.

The shipping charges are added while you check out for payment. Please note that these charges don't include the local authorities at your area who collect from you as per your country's/state's local norms. This simply includes the charges required for the transmission from source to destination, i.e. from our country/state to your country/state. You will be held accountable in case you are denied of taking your package because of your refusal of paying import taxes.

We send our products across the borders of many countries except for a few whose import policies are very strict. Always make sure that there is always someone at your home who will definitely pick your parcel, else the parcel is kept at post office for few days and again sent back to us. If you somehow missed receiving your package you must check with your nearest post office for its arrival. You may then complain to us if you still don't receive it.

There are a few scenarios whose chances are minimal but might occur suddenly such as earthquakes, floods, fire, wars, riots, disputes, etc. Our service will then be affected and so you may receive your products quite late. If we find out that these scenarios don't seem to take halt and we have already made you keep on waiting for too long, we will reverse the process and refund your money in full.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you still have doubts, queries or concerns.

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