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Privacy Policy

 This Privacy Policy section is there to clarify you about the methods we take and store your data. Since you reserve the right to keep your personal information safe and we on the other hand make sure that we successfully attempt to safeguard your sensitive details, let us reveal our norms.


There are both indirect and direct form of data that every website has the tendency to store. The indirect ones are those that are indirectly collected from the users without them even noticing this. This includes their IP addresses, browser details, geographical residence, etc. We can also collect your previous website's visits, clicks and products of interest that you purchased or added to your wishlist. This is done through cookies that we send across the network to your computer's hard disk. You may anytime minimize the cookies functionality or simply discard the entire thing so that we don't get any info but don't forget that your residential area, about IP address, browser, etc. still don't get hidden.


The direct form of data includes everything that you willingly share with us during account creation or payment, such as name, address, contact details, postal address, PIN, credit/debit card info, etc. You choose to either share or decline your crucial details. The debit or credit card details are asked only when the money transaction is made while you pay for the products. We never distribute or share your data with any third party unless 1) You permit us 2) The third parties need to be involved to complete the order process, or 3) In support of some investigation process that needs utmost intervention of the related authorities.


The credit or debit card details are encrypted using SSL technology every time the payment is made and are never gathered in our personal database. So, these are always kept secured and one doesn't need to worry.


We sometimes send emails across the network in case of any announcements like products' launch, price change, removal of products, and newsletters. You may choose to unsubscribe if these don't entertain you any longer. We do not share your email addresses to any entity or third parties, so please ignore the mail or mark as Spam if you get bulk of emails that seem like ours but we don't actually own them.


You may anytime contact us in the given email address or contact number for any queries or concerns.

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