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 1. Should I totally trust your products?

A. You can trust our products regarding their genuineness since these have undergone many phases of testing.


2. Is it necessary to create an account?

A. If you create an account then you are able to know so many things about the website. We can send you emails related to announcements such as change in the structure of price, products' launching, newsletters. You may choose not to create your account. In that case you need to visit our site over and over to stay updated.


3. Should I rely you for safeguarding my data?

A. We use SSL technology for encryption to safeguard your data when it comes to highly sensitive information like credit card details. Other details like your name, contact details are never distributed or shared to any third party. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.


4. Are there any negative effects from which I must take precaution in advance?

A. There is no news or claims of negative effects of our cosmetic products till date. Though one must always consider going through every minute detail like ingredients used, before actually making in mind to buy.


5. Do you have any retail outlets nearby me?

A. Currently we do not have any retail outlets anywhere. We will inform our users and consumers regarding this if we have any in the coming future. Till then you are given the option of online purchase only.


6. What if I get damaged products or nothing at all even after waiting for so long?

A. You have to swiftly inform our customer care team in any of the cases that suddenly emerge and they will help you in this regard. Kindly read our Return Policy for more details.

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