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Suqie Hyaluronic Acid Original Fluid

Suqie Hyaluronic acid original fluid is formulated to give instant replenishment to your skin.  This product is enriched with 3-fold concentrated hyaluronic acid which provides enhanced moisturizing to your skin acting as a perfect skin repair product.
The deep moisturizing that permeates the skin layers makes your skin regain the natural radiance and even texture. The hydration is long lasting that makes your skin feel young and tender after long hours.
The essence promotes and activates collagen and thoroughly revitalizes your skin to make it tighter, softer and rejuvenated. Your complexion improves to reveal its brightness and natural glossiness. The skin recaptures its youthful glow and tenderness.
As a total skin repair essence, this Suqie product soothes your skin from irritations and heals skin blemishes. The redness and other inflammations will be soothed and healed and you can feel your skin calming down with a single application.
This Suqie skincare essence has skin-beneficial and skin-friendly ingredients which work together to condition and nourish your skin banishing dryness and age signs from your skin.
This moisturizing, skin firming and nourishing liquid essence rich in hyaluronic acid comes in a pack of 12ml. This skincare product is suitable for all skin types.

Suqie Hyaluronic Acid Original Fluid

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