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Suqie Body Lotion

A luxurious amount of floral extracts bottled to take care of your delicate skin! Suqie body lotion forms an exquisite skincare treatment to your dry skin. The lotion replenishes your body and conditions your skin making your skin soft and luminous.
The fresh feeling of the lotion soothes your skin and with a dab, you will remain relaxed for the rest of the day. The gentle skin calming effects of the lotion calms down your frayed nerves. The floral extracts refresh and rejuvenate your skin to the maximum.
The natural moisturizing ingredients in the body milk lock the moisture in your skin layers and transform your dry and rough skin to a silky smooth and supple one. Your skin will look tender and healthy.
The skin brightening properties of Suqie body milk brightens your skin to a sparkling luster. Your skin looks fairer, radiant and glossy. The dark blemishes and sun tan will get lighter and the skin regains an even tone.
The Suqie body lotion gives overall nourishment to your skin making it look adorable. This amazing body lotion works wonders on dry skin. The lotion has a shelf life of 36 months and comes in a pack of 500ml.

Suqie Body Lotion

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