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Suqie Body Care Glycerin

Though beauty is not skin deep, doubtlessly flawless skin has an upper hand in this world and almost all yearn for bright and soft skin that gets attention. Suqie Body Care Glycerin is formulated for them who longs for radiant and spotless skin.
Enriched with the goodness of glycerin, this body care lotion makes amazing results on your skin visibly. The body care glycerin from Suqis is all meant to make you a head turner!

With its extreme moisturizing properties, the glycerin acts on your skin gently but effectively. If you have unattended, dry and rough skin, this product gives abundant moisture to your skin and makes your skin look supple, soft and silky smooth. Your skin will be soothed and relieved of its dryness. The flaky patches and itchiness will disappear with regular use.

The skin conditioning effects of the lotion keep your skin replenished and nourished. You skin gains a rich and refined look without any blemishes. This body lotion makes your skin adorable and radiant. The skin regains its natural glossiness and softness.

The lotion provides adequate hydration to the skin layers making your skin youthful, rejuvenated and  translucent. This body care lotion comes in a pack of 200ml.

Suqie Body Care Glycerin

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