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Shiny Hydrating Toner

What's standing between you and your dull skin? It could be the absence of just one product in your beauty routine. Nobility brings you the secret weapon to healthy skin is all new Shiny Hydrating Toner. Not all the toners which are labeled as toners will not give you a good result like Nobility. This special toner is infused with the extracts from Laurel, Myrtle, Iris, and honey. An active revitalizer for the dry and flaky skin. The presence of vital natural ingredients such as Laurel, Myrtle, iris, honey and other active ingredients will replenish the skin with many essential nutrients and will lock the moisture. This lightweight toner calms and soothes sensitive skin while skin-replenishing ingredients nourish and lightly hydrate skin. With the goodness of honey and myrtle, the skin will be moisturized and you will look young and fair. Fix your skin today with the amazing Nobility Shiny Hydrating Toner, right away!
Nourishes and comforts dry skin
Antioxidant-rich plant oils soothe and protect skin
Active-hydrating formula
Fights key signs of aging.
Net weight: 120ml
How to use:-
Apply ample amount of toner to hand.
Massage the toner on the face, and neck evenly and leave for 2-3 minutes.
Wash with cold water.

Shiny Hydrating Toner

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