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A Sense Of Luxury Pet Platinum Rose Water White Cream

The essential beauty boosting properties of rose water are integrated in Dr. Plant’s skincare product - A sense of luxury pet platinum rose water white cream. Literally, you will be immersed in a sense of luxury with every application of the cream. 
Rose water is an amalgam of skin enhancing properties acting as a skin purifier, astringent and toner. The cream is enriched with high moisturizing effects of rose water which keeps your skin hydrated for long hours. The cream replenishes and nourishes your dry and dull skin making your skin soft, smooth and supple. 
The cream locks water content preventing your skin from becoming rough or dry again. This makes your skin shine brightly and healthily. The skin regains its natural glossiness and radiance. Regular use will make your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. 
The skin soothing properties calms your irritated skin and relieves your skin from blemishes and puffiness. 
This Dr. Plant cream comes in an attractive pack of 60g with a shelf life of 36 months. The product is ideal for mixed skin.

A Sense Of Luxury Pet Platinum Rose Water White Cream

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